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Updated: Apr 10

The world is constantly transformed by technological advances and dynamic social changes. Technological innovations sometimes resemble exceptional special effects in a film, evoking a thrill through the sophisticated application of editing. In a different technological and social configuration, the Salesian Family, with its long tradition of educating young people, faces the challenge of shaping the future of communication in the spirit of Don Bosco. The slogan SHAPING TOMORROW becomes not only the motto, but also a guideline for actions leading to the dynamic development of salesian communication worldwide. The future of salesian communication is a journey towards modernity, but with solid roots in tradition.

The Salesian Family stands on the threshold of innovative communication, characterised by a spirit of personalism, concern for the human being and respect for his dignity. In a world of digital acceleration, SHAPING TOMORROW aims to build bridges between generations and to promote collaboration between different salesian institutions around the world. It is also a media effort to inspire and encourage the active participation of young people in the life of the salesian community.

Salesian communication is not only about transmitting information, but above all about building relationships. The impact of technological developments on today's communication challenges often obscures this precious image in the landscape of human relationships. On the other hand, by using new technologies, the Salesian Family transcends borders, creating a community whose heart beats simultaneously in many corners of the world.

SHAPING TOMORROW is an invitation to actively participate in creating a better future through wise and responsible salesian communication. It is an encouragement to understand the changing framework of social communication, to assimilate the principles of effective communication and to value the role of the media. It is also an appreciation of changes in the adaptation of messages to the audience and multi-channel communication. It is at the same time an acknowledgement of the role of social media in evangelisation, embracing the concept of digital missionaries as discussed at the Rome Synod in October 2023, and being guided by Christian ethics in communication. Finally, it is a reminder of the need to allocate adequate financial resources to media activities and to look for ways to educate the Salesian Family in media and interpersonal communication more broadly. 

We invite you to join us for the Communication Conference to be held from 1 to 7 August 2024, in Rome. 

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